New streaming mix - “Lovely Lady Companion” - An early spring soundtrack of cowboy psych and folk music from 1965-1976.

Tracklist & listening options below.

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New streaming mix - “I Thought The World Of You” - International, psych, indie, library, and the most unhinged folk song ever recorded. Tracklist below.

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New streaming mix - “Easy Ride” - Mellow vibes for harsh times - soft psychedelia fit for a deep porch session. Tracklist below…

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New mix to stream - “Baby Are Yeng” - a heady, aromatic stew of international sounds, slow-cooked to melt your face

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New mix to stream - “Walking Into the Sun” - A sun-baked road trip through loner/rock/folk/etc., for the David Lynch film in your mind. Click the photograph to play - the tracklist is below - Dig!

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The Quietus | Features | Reissues, Comps & Mixes Of 2013 f

Nice year-end list from the good folks at The Quietus.

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At long last, here are the records that echo ocho dug in 2013, in no particular order.


Slow Walkers - s/t - Grouper and Lawrence English team up for some killer ethereal bottom-of-well fuzz.

Grouper - “The Man Who Died in His Boat” - Grouper’s other major release from this year continues in the same, relatively straightforward downer-folk-ambient vein as “Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill” and we are all the better for it.

Counter Intuits - s/t - Veteran Ohio underground hero Ron House collaborates with Jared Phillips from Times New Viking for a thorny, funny, and surprising set of Fall-derived post-punk. “Do you know anyone with a computer?”

Arp - “More” - Dude shifts from mimicking kosmische and ambient-era Eno to mimicking glam-pop Eno, with excellent results.

Courtneys - s/t - Infectious 90s-derived indie pop from Vancouver.

Chris Watson - “In St. Cuthbert’s Time” - Beautiful field recordings of the ancient holy site, Lindisfarne Island in the UK. Bird sounds, wind, water, and the immutable weight of history: what more do you need?

Donato Dozzy - “Plays Bee Mask” - Italian electronic dude remixes a Bee Mask album and makes it his own. Mesmerizing stuff.

Ducktails - “The Flower Lane”
Campfires - “Tomorrow, Tomorrow”
Mantles - “Long Enough to Leave”
Phosphorescent - “Muchacho”
Connections - “Private Airplane”
The Woolen Men - S/T
Yo La Tengo - “Fade”
Eat Skull - “III”

^^ These satisfied our “solid, straightforward indie rock” needs for 2013.

Steve Gunn - “Time Off” - Kurt Vile collaborator goes solo, with great results.

Mordecai - “College Rock” - A clamorous beast of an indie rock record. Messy and perfect.

White Fence - “Cyclops Reap” - Another great set of psychedelic pop experiments.

Fyrnask - “Eldir Nott” - Best black metal I have heard. Beautiful and terrifying. Stellar artwork, too.

High Wolf - “Kairos: Chronos” - Best High Wolf yet. Hypnotic stuff.

Julian Lynch - “Lines” - Underrated bedroom-pop genius. The Jim O’Rourke of this era.

Milk Music - “Cruise Your Illusion” - I don’t know why this band isn’t much bigger than it is. Anthemic, loud indie rock in the 90s Olympia vein.

Julianna Barwick - “Nepenthe” - Heavenly!

Montibus Communitas - “Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Inmensidad” - Cool set of jams from this self-described “spiritual music collective” from Peru.

MBV - “mbv” - Not the best MBV, but hey, it’s a new MBV album so it’s going to be on this list.

Sapphire Slows - “Allegoria” - Pillowy electronic pop from Japan for the dancefloor behind your eyelids.

Onehotrix Point Never - “R Plus Seven” - We were kinda over OPN but this is actually really good.

Primitive Motion - “Worlds Floating By” - Let’s see: chintzy drum machines, drones, vocals reverbed into oblivion, recorded in a living room in Australia? Yeah, that’s an echo ocho year-end record.

Qluster - “Lauschen WEB”
Roedelius Schneider - “Tiden”

^^ The gentlemen formerly of Cluster put out a couple nice records this year, showing the whippersnapper amateur synth noodlers how it’s done.

Recycle Culture - “In Transit” - Don’t know anything about this artist but we dig the chillaxed electronic sounds.

La Femme - “Psycho Tropical Berlin” - Solid French indie pop.

Tony Molina - “Dissed and Dismissed” - 45-second blasts of indie rock gold.

Dead C - “Armed Courage” - Two nice side-long slabs of brain cement from the venerable band.

Huerco S - “Colonial Patterns” - Earthy electronic/techno sounds (formerly) from KC.

Palm Highway Chase - “Escape From New York” - Sounds like the soundtrack to a 1990 cop movie on Cinemax.

Julia Holter - “Loud City Song” - Beguiling art-pop from an intriguing artist.

Clinic - “Free Reign II” - Clinic took their solid “Free Reign” record from last year and released an alternate mix of the same record that is way better.

Bedwettin’ Bad Boys - Ready For Boredom - An absolutely terrible band name, yes, but a great band nonethless, one of many great Australian bands going these days. The group’s latest is a solid collection of heart-on-sleeve, Replacements-influenced meat and potatoes indie rock.

The Holydrug Couple - “Noctuary” - Psych jams from this Chilean duo. For some reason this makes me think of waking up in a sleeping bag with a chilly face but warm toes.


Hailu Mergia - “Hailu Mergia and his Classical Instrument” - Just when you thought you were over Ethiopian funk, the Awesome Tapes From Africa label drops this blast of sunshine.

Medico Doktor Vibes - “Liter Through Dorker Vibes” - Finds like this are why echo ocho exists. An outsider recording that sounds like nothing we have ever heard - humble and with a ton of heart.

Kevin Aprill - “Sunset Upon An Imaginary Beach Of Latent Energy” - There is only one known copy of this record and the good folks at Del Val have done us all a favor by reissuing it. Side A is a foray into Fahey/Basho style solo guitar atmospherics, whereas on Side B Mr. Aprill takes his guitar into a dense thicket of noise and echo that make it a precursor (by 30 years) to VHF label stuff like Vibracathedral Orchestra or similar experimental sounds of the past decade or so.

Mainliner - “Mellow Out” - Crushing Japanese sounds. Essential. On vinyl for the first time ever.

Arthur Russell - “Another Thought” - Another reissue of crucial material from Arthur Russell, a longtime beacon of echo ocho.

Woo - “Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong” - So glad to see Woo have their stuff reissued on vinyl. Pastoral folk-tronic stuff in the vein of Penguin Cafe Orchestra meets “Zuckerzeit”-era Cluster.

Cortex - “Troupeau Bleu” - The three elusive Cortex albums were reissued this year. Picked this up in Paris and it has thus soundtracked the trip in my mind since.

Marcos Valle - “Previsao Do Tempo” & “Vento Sul” - Sunny Brazilian psychedelia for your next pool party.

Otis G. Johnson - “God is Love” - Astounding recording of Mr. Johnson’s weary appeals to God, supported by a dull wash of organ and a primitive drum machine.

Relatively Clean Rivers - s/t - This is one of those private-press grails that coulda/shoulda been a hit. Rootsy rock everyone and their dads can enjoy. Since most of us don’t have $2,500 to drop on an original copy, this $20 bootleg will have to suffice.

Various Artists - “Six Feet Under” - Great comp from the Mississippi Records label.

The Dentists - “Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now” - Nice collection of this UK DIY band’s stuff.

Los Saicos - “¡Demolición! The Complete Recordings” - This compilation proves that punk rock originated in Peru.

Dwight Sykes - “Songs Vol. 1” - PPU reissue of great synth-funk slow jams.

Iasos - “Celestial Soul Portrait” - Heady new age vibes on this great Numero release compiling a few key works from this originator of the sound.

Various Artists - “I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990” - An instant classic compilation of early private-issue new age music, making a powerful case for the music as a vital chapter in American DIY and psychedelic music.

Grazia - s/t - Cool Turkish folk-rock with synth flourishes.

Popol Vuh - reissues - The first several Popol Vuh records were reissued this year, thankfully. Absolutely essential listening for folks tuned in to the cosmic side of German psychedelia.

BOA - “Wrong Road” - Like huffing solvent in a ‘68 Barracuda.

Digable Planets - “Blowout Comb” - No explanation needed for this smooth slice of jazzy 90s hip-hop.

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New mix for you to stream - “Modulo Lunar” - spacey Brazilian grooves, the mellowest of the mellow. Click the photograph to play. Tracklist below.

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Starter: Todd Rundgren f

Pfork earns its keep with this nice survey of the importance and influence of Todd Rundgren. Arguably Rundgren is the “American Brian Eno” in his ability to churn out hits, produce pop artists, and maintain a singular and eccentric sound/voice in his own work. The best thing is that his records are plentiful and cheap - the best $3 you can spend in any record store

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"People Like You" by John Villemonte is the perfect record to listen to on repeat during these cloudy days.

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The Endtables - “Trick or Treat” - Louisville art-school punk…

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